The Cause

Focus On Vision South Africa.

“Preventable blindness is one of our most tragic and wasteful global problems. By eliminating unnecessary blindness we can dramatically improve the education, employment and quality of life for many millions of people”

-Brien Holden of the ICEE


Focus on Vision South Africa is based in the Eastern Cape (Bizana, St. Patrick’s Hospital). This province, with almost 7 million people, is one of the poorest provinces of South Africa, with a large part being drawn from the old Homelands Transkei and Ciskei. Large areas of the Eastern Cape lack primal eye care and only a very small percentage of the population has access to or the means for optometric care.

In this area, there are only 9 public optometrists serving over 7 million people. To compound the problem, many people from rural areas travel a full day to the nearest clinic to have their eyes checked, only to find there are no glasses available. Very few people in South Africa enjoy the luxury of ordering custom made glasses, to come from cities like Durban or Jo-Burg, because it is a very costly and lengthy procedure.

Louise-Lorraine is proud to partner with Focus on Vision to provide much needed eyewear for the people of South Africa. With each purchase you make, Louise-Lorraine will donate 10% of revenue towards purchasing needed eyeglasses for a person in Eastern Cape, Kwazulu, or Sowetoneed. It is our goal to give people all over the world the gift of sight – join us in our efforts.